General Orchid Culture for the Summer Months | The Do, Do, Do, The Don’t, Don’t Don’t, Is All I’ve Got To Say To You

The important thing over the summer months is to make sure your orchids don’t get too much light and do get sufficient water. Direct sunlight must be avoided otherwise the leaves will get sunburned. The ideal is under 50-70% shade cloth but under the shade of trees or pergola is OK.

Water needs to be applied regularly. As a rough guide most people recommend every 2 weeks during the middle of winter through to every 2 days in the middle of summer. This needs to be adjusted when we have a number of hot days in a row. A good idea is to water in the evening after a particularly hot day so the plants can take up the moisture during the night and do this each day when we have hot days in a row. If watering is done in the morning of a hot day you can be left with water sitting down in the leaf axils during the heat of the day. This can heat up and ‘cook’ the new growth.

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