Thinking of Orchids for Mother’s Day Presents? | We Can Help You Out

Southern Suburbs Orchid Society Club LogoThe Southern Suburbs Orchid Society (SSOS) together with Bay Road Nursery (Sandringham) have joined forces yet again to not only show visitors our wonderful flowering orchids; but also provide you with expert advice and help with answers to some of your vexing questions relating to orchid care.

Bay Road Nursery logoIn our 6th year of collaboration, SSOS and Bay Road Nursery are joining forces to provide you with some simple and helpful tips which will help you to select, purchase, maintain and enjoy the love of growing orchids. For example:

  • You will discover the many varieties of orchids which you can easily grow in Melbourne’s cool-temperate climate.
  • Learn tips and techniques from experienced members to improve how you grow and care for your orchids; and
  • Help identify and rectify pressure points which may affect your existing collection.

Come along and listen to experienced SSOS members who will provide expert advice and encourage orchid growers to gain confidence and enthusiasm for the continued promotion and development of the orchidaceae species within Victoria.

Want to know more about this free and exciting event?

When: Saturday 5th May, 2018

Bay Road Nursery

112-114 Bay Road
Sandringham 3191
ph: (03) 9521 0197

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