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On Sunday, 22nd April members of the Southern Suburbs Orchid Society (SSOS) visited the Central Park Conservatory in Malvern which is home to John Varigos‘ orchid collections.

The Conservatory, with its elegantly curved steel frame imported from Europe, was constructed in 1927; and is one of the oldest conservatories in Victoria. On our guided tour, Varigos explained how he began his collection back in 1977, when he received his first orchid.

  • His collection comprises over 600 species orchids from around the world, including Asia, Central America, South America, Madagascar and Australia.

SSOS Members were also privy to a fellow orchid fanatic’s collection that has taken over the southern side of the Conservatory. This collection includes: Vandas, Ludisia discolour, dendrochilum tenellum and agraecum sesquipedale to name but a few.

  • Thank you John Varigos for this great opportunity to visit your collection at the Conservatory and as for our verdict: “It took us not very long to find out, and we found out” (how great your collection is).

Day trippers yeah!

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