Repotting Orchids – Tips and Advice

  • Repotting – Soak Orchid Bark in large bucket of water overnight prior to dividing the plant. Divide your plant into (2) or (3) sections, only keeping green bulbs and repot into a 20 cm (7”) black plastic pot. Placing the roots under the orchid mix and leaving the bulbs on top of the mix.

  • Sterilizing The Tools – You must sterilize all your cutting tools in methylated spirits. If pots are old you must wash in a good solution of white king and water to stop any infection.
  • After Repotting – Use aslow release fertilizer and store your plant in a cool shaded area for a couple of months to recover from being split up. Plenty of water during this time.
  • Plant Recovery – After your plant has recovered, move to a spot where it will receive plenty of morning sunlight (east) as they do not like the hot northerly or westerly conditions, as they will burn.
  • Watering regime – On a day with hot northerly conditions (sun and wind) – water in the morning and again at night. In summer conditions water once daily and winter twice weekly in the morning.
  • Fertilizing – A slow release fertilizer should used after flowering and then another dose six months later. In between times, fertilize fortnightly or monthly, with a liquid fertilizer at half recommended strength.

For further tips and ideas, on Repotting Orchids and other orchid topics, why not come along to our next Monthly Meeting:

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  • Venue: N.G. Wishart Senior Citizens Hall, 964 Nepean Highway, Moorabbin

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