What’s in a Name?

Once upon a time an orchid club put on a virtual show which had a cast of wonderful orchids with some exotic and magical names, no doubt with many stories to tell, such as:

  • A modern day ‘take’ on an old ‘panto’ classic. How about: Snowflake and the Seven Orchids starring Doris, Vanda, Peggy Foo, Green Goblin, Sleepy Sarah, Aztec Tony and Hot Lips.
  • Or, a revamped children’s classic – Goldiana and the three Jennifer’s (Sarah Jean Jennifer’s) one in each club section, where one might seem too big, or too small and another might seem ‘just right’ .
  • Here, we have a Lavender Kiss happening between Uluru Dave and Hilda Rockstar.
  • And, what would Winston Churchill really think of the Pink Panther and Colmanara’s Jungle Monarch?
  • Interesting names. Interesting flowers. What stories they could tell.

View the full set of 59 entries in the July Virtual Voting competition in the SSOS What’s Flowering in July 2021 page.

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