Flowering in 2022

Orchids grow all year round so it is not difficult to find something flowering during every month of the year. At Southern Suburbs Orchid Society (SSOS), members grow a wide variety of orchids and seldom have difficulties finding something to bench each month. Here are some examples of what we exhibited in our monthly competition for judging in 2022.


The April Virtual Vote competition saw 53 entries. It is a time of the year to see Cattleya and Laelia hybrids begin to flower. Below some of the images which members provided for the competition. View all entries at our April 2022 page on our website.


The March of the Miltonias, is what was flowering. We held our March virtual voting competition and members entered 42 plants for members judging.


February was the ‘Epi’-center of the Epidendrum, with members submitting Epi’s of a variety of colours. Members provided 45 wonderful flowering orchids which made for difficult decisions when voting. Here are the entries for February.


  • Never mind the phrase: ‘What a good year for the roses’, this is a good year for the stanhopeas. At the January virtual voting competition, there were 13 stanhopeas submitted amongt the 48 entries. See the full listing for January.

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