Flowering in 2019

Orchids grow all year round so it is not difficult to find something flowering during every month of the year. At Southern Suburbs Orchid Society (SSOS), members grow a wide variety of orchids and seldom have difficulties finding something to bench each month. Here are some examples of what we exhibited in our monthly competition for judging in 2019.

Our monthly benching highlights include:

Our last flowering competition meeting is held in November. This is the time of year to see a variety of Sarcochilus, native Cymbidiums, softcane Dendrobiums and a Capanemia.

The October meeting provided judges with a wide variety of flowering orchids, including an Acinita, Miltoniopsis and a Cymbidium lowianum. This is the time of year to see Chinease Rock Orchids, known as Bletilla Striata.

Our September meeting saw some rarer types of orchid species and hybrids including a dendrobium aphyllum, Diplodium repandrum, Masdevallia Lemon Ice ‘Beenak’ and Miltoniopsis Breathless ‘Brilliant’.

August meeting orchids tabled included Dendrobium Na-Nang, Restrepia antennifera, Coryanthes macrantha and an Ancistrochilus rothschildianus.

At our July meeting there were many Cymbidiums beginning to flower such as the tall Cymbidium Keith’s Pet ‘Sissy’ as well as a Cattleya ‘Sunset’, Brassia aurantica and a fragrant Maxillaria picta.

As indicated above, our June meeting saw some earlier cymbidiums flowering such as Rosefieldense, a Laelia anceps, an epidendrum melaniporphyreum and a Monnierara Millenium Magic ‘Witchcraft’ which one the Popular vote.

Our May meeting was also our Autumn Show competition and there were many wonderful orchids to test the judges minds. Four examples were a Stenoglottis longifolia, Odontioda Ascocendra and Gomesa Moon Shadow x Varicosum ‘Baldin’s’ #2.

A wider variety of orchids shown at our April meeting included vandas, cattleytonias, beallaras, howeara, ascocentrum and a lophiaris.

Our March meeting included a variety of laelia and cattleya, doritis, sartylis, brassia as well as vandas, maxillaria, miltonia and zygopetalums.

February is our first competition for the year. This is not the time of year for Cymbidiums, but a wide variety of orchids are in flower including Beallaras, Cattleyas, Epidendrums, Liparis, Stanhopeas and a Stenoglottis woodyii.

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