Flowering in 2018

Orchids grow all year round so it is not difficult to find something flowering during every month of the year. At Southern Suburbs Orchid Society (SSOS), members grow a wide variety of orchids and seldom have difficulties finding something to bench each month. Here are some examples of what we exhibited in our monthly competition for judging in 2018.

Our monthly benching highlights include:

February is our first competition for the year. This is not the time of year for Cymbidiums, but a wide variety of orchids are in flower including Beallaras, Cattleyas, Epidendrums, Liparis, Neofenetias, Paphiopedilums, Stanhopeas to Wilsonara

Our March competition saw further flowering Stanhopeas, and other ‘special’ varieties including: Vuylstekearas, Sarcochilus, Neostylis, Coelogynes, Bulbophyllium and Doritis, to name but a few.

By the April competition, members were benching Cattleyas, Miltonias and other varieties such as: Anybenera, Encyclia, Lycaste, Gongora, Brassavola and a Bulbophyllum

The May competition is also the Autumn Show and featured many varieties of Cattleya Alliance, and some other special orchids including Oncidiums, Vandas, Zygopetalum, Stenoglottis, Dracula, Colmonara and Beallaras all in flower

After a mild Autumn, the weather turned and we were in the midst of a wintry cold snap by June competition time. It was still a little early for Cymbidiums to flower, but there were a couple on display along with Beallaras, Cattleya Alliance, Dendrobium, Dockrillia, Paphiopedilums, an Osmoglossum and a brilliantly yellow Gomesa

From Cymbidiums to Restrepias was the theme for our July competition with the addition of Pleurothallis, Sartylis, Zygopetilum and Epidendrums, which many members find still flowering since the beginning of the year.

Our August meeting saw a wide collection of flowering orchids from Laelia, Cattleya, Cymbidiums, Dendrobiums, Restrepia and Masdevallias.

Our September meeting at the beginning of the month showed why Orchid Shows are in abundance during springtime. Members benched a wide variety of flowering orchids, which are show-cased on the September page.

The October competition saw further Spring-flowering orchids in bloom such as Adaglossum, Bletilla, Pleione and Vandas.

The November meeting is the last in the flowering competition, and there is still a large variety of blooms, however, this is the month for Sarcochilus flowering plants – small but dynamic.

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