Judges vs People 2021

Please Note:Southern Suburbs Orchid Society (SSOS) is pleased to announce that we have been able to return to monthly meetings at the N.G. Wishart Hall, Moorabbin. Our first meeting was held Wednesday 3rd March, 2021 – a year on from our last meeting in 2020. SSOS members were allowed to bring their flowering orchids for judging. Hence, we have a return of what the judges and what the members thought was the best plant on the night.SSOS Committee has also decided to continue the monthly members Virtual Voting competition. This enables members to show their flowering plants at their best, or unable to bring along to a meeting, such as too big, attached to trees, flowering display period is too narrow (i.e. Stanhopeas) or members who are not able to attend the monthly meeting.

The rules for this competition remain the same:

  • Each member is eligible to submit up to 5 currently-flowering plants for the specified time period and members can vote for the flowering orchid they like; similar to the in-house popular vote contest, but does not include the formal official Judges vote.
  • Members place one vote for their favourite in each of the three member categories OPEN, INTERMEDIATE and NOVICE.
  • The monthly virtual voting competition is located in the Members Only section of our website.

2021 Results are:


Members virtual vote winners:

NOVICE: Tied first between – Masdevallia Partizan ‘November Stuner’ and Sarc hartmanii ‘Oro Puro’ x Washington [Grower: M Fraraccio]
INTER: Tied first – Sarc Sunny ‘Sunny Days’ x Amber ‘Daffodil'[Grower: M Caruana] and Sarc Firey Glow Hot x Fitzhart Ruby [Grower: S Craven] and’
OPEN: Dracula navarroorum ‘Vic’ [Grower: C Trainor]


Members virtual vote winners:

NOVICE:  Tie between Dockrillia linguiformis and Sarcochilus falcatus [both grown by: J Derham]
INTERMEDIATE: Cym Gone West ‘Hatfield’ x Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’  [Grower: S Craven]
OPEN: Cym Winter Fire ‘Frosty Tips’ [Grower: T Liston]

No competition was held in September. This was replaced by the Annual September Spring Show. View the entries and champions on our website.


Members virtual vote winners:

NOVICE:  Cymbidium Green[Grower: J Derham]
INTERMEDIATE: Oncidium Midnight Miracle Mask [Grower: L Bunning]
OPEN: Lc Blue angel ‘Executive’ [Grower: E Kelly]


Members virtual vote winners:

NOVICE: Gomesa radicans [Grower: T Hill]
INTERMEDIATE: Paphiopedilum Signature x Winston Churchill [Grower: L Bunning]
OPEN: Cattleya Lc Blue Koran ‘Blue’ [Grower: E Kelly]


Members virtual vote winners:

NOVICE: Stenoglottis longifolia – [Grower: S Hill]
INTERMEDIATE: Laelia Cattleya angel Heart ‘Pink Cloud’ – [Grower: L Bunning]
OPEN: Rlc Mount Isa ‘Jean’ x Glenn Maidment ‘Southern Cross’ – [Grower: C Trainor]


Members virtual vote winners:

NOVICE: Cattleya (Seagulls Royal Flush x Intermedia) x Vaupes Sunrise x Lynn Spencer – [Grower: M Fraraccio]
INTERMEDIATE: Potinara Cattleya ‘Burana Beauty’  – [Grower: S Craven]
OPEN: Dendrobium hybrid Mousmee x trysiflorum – [Grower: H Aberl]


Members virtual vote winners:

OPEN: Oncidium Goodale Moir – Elaine Kelly
INTERMEDIATE: Den Mingle’s Sapphire ‘Garth’ x gonzalesii ‘Babylon’ – Mary Caruana
NOVICE: Miltonia guanabara – Jo Derham

April Meeting result:

Judges Vote: Rossioglossum grande – Craig Trainor (OPEN)
Popular Vote: Cattleya BLC Hawaiian Passion ‘Carmela’ – Elaine Kelly (OPEN)


Members virtual vote winners:

OPEN: Vanda hybrid ‘Pak Chong Blue’ – Herbert Aberl
INTERMEDIATE: Burrageara ‘Nelly Isler’ – Mary Caruana
NOVICE: Gongora Galeata – Maria Fraraccio

March Meeting result:

Judges and members both voted for:

OPEN: Cattleya Jungle Beau ‘Velvet Lip’ – Craig Trainor


OPEN: Gongora galeata [Grower: T Liston]
INTERMEDIATE: Laelia Cattleya Mauve [Grower: J Summers]
NOVICE: Two-way tie between Dendrobium densiflorum [Grower: V Hayes] and Epidendrum Comet Valley ‘Orange’ [Grower: J Derham]


OPEN: Cattleya (Erin Kobayashi x walkeriana)’Plush’ [Grower: C&G Trainor]
INTERMEDIATE: Wilsonara Opalescent ‘Springtime’ [Grower: M Caruana]
NOVICE: Dendrobium ‘Kate’ [Grower: J Derham]

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