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Many of you may not know that the club has a substantial collection of books about orchids that are available for members to borrow at no cost.

They are always available at each meeting. In order to make your selection easier, you can pre-reserve a book and pick it up at the next meeting.

  • An honesty system is used and when you have finished reading it, please ensure that you return it to the collection, so that others may enjoy them.
  • To request an item please click on the “Reserve Item” link.
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  Anderson, Frank J. Orchids. Abbeville Press, New York, 1981.   Review and description.
  Bennett, Keith S. The Tropical Asiatic Slipper Orchids: Genus Paphiopedilum. Angus & Robertson, North Ryde, (1986).(91p.) covers most paphiopedilums with detailed information on each species. Description and review.
  Bisset, John Porter & Lawler, H.J. Orchid Handbook. (1960). Description and review.
  Black, Peter McKenzie. The Complete Book of Orchids (1983) Description and review.
  Boyle, Louis M. Out West: Growing Cymbidium Orchids and other Flowers. Times-Mirror Press Los Angeles, (1952). A fascinating period piece on growing orchids in California with sections on the social, historical aspects of the area as well as full details on the orchids. Description and review.
  Cady, Leo and Rotherham, E.R. Australian Native Orchids in Colour. (112p.) Great little books with excellent photos and lots of information. Description and review.
  Cardillo, Rob. Totally Orchids.  Illustrated by Carolyn Vibbert. Celestial Arts, Berkely Ca. (1996) Description and review.
  Davis, Rosalie H., and Kawaguchi, Mariko. Rare Orchids: Photographs by Bela Kalman, Bulfinch Press, Boston. (1999). Description and review.
  Eigeldeinger, O. Orchids for Everyone. John Gifford, London (1957). Description and review.
  Fulcher, Max. The Enchanted Orchid. New Holland, Sydney (1999). Description and review
  Gilbert, P.A. Orchids: Their Culture and Classification. Shepherd Press, Sydney (1957). Description and review
  Gould League. Australian Orchids: Survival Series, Rev. ed. Prahran. (1979).
  Handcock, Ralph and Smith, Margaret. Orchids: Month by Month. National Book Distributors & Publishers, Frenchs Forest NSW 1991 reprint
  Harris, Wayne K. (Ed.) Modern Orchid Growing for Pleasure and Profit. Orchid Club of South Australia Incorporated, 1987. Description and review.
  Hawkes, Alex D. Orchids: Their Botany and Culture. Peter Owen Ltd, London (1961). Description and review.
  Hogg, Bruce. Orchids: Their Culture. Cassell and Company, London, (1957) Complete cultural instructions on every phase of orchid growing. Description and review.
  Hunt, P Francis. The International Book of Orchids. Cavendish House, London  (1984) 172p. A lavishly illustrated work surveying the history and cultivation of all types of orchids. Description and review.
  Hutchison, Frances (ed). What Pest is That? Garden Pests: How to Identify and Control Them. Bay Books, Kensington, NSW, (1982).
  Irvine, Keith. Orchids for the Australian Garden, Bay Books, Kensington, NSW (1982). Description and review.
  Kavulak, John. The Australian Native Orchid Hybrid Guide from Dingley 3rd ed. Jodi Enterprises, Bangalow NSW (1991). Description and review.
  Kerr, Ronald. Orchids in Australia: 50 Years of the Australian Orchid. Graphic World, Sydney (1986). Description and review.
  Kijma,Takashi.  Orchids: The Wonder of Nature. Salamander Press, London, (1988). Kijma’s photographs were published to commemorate 12th World Orchid Conference.
  Koopowitz, Harold. & Hasegawa Norito. Novelty Slipper Orchids: Breeding and Cultivating Paphpiopedilum Hybrids. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1989 (142p.) Covers lots of primary and interesting hybrid Paphpiopedilums. Description and review.
  Kupper, Walter & Linsenmaier, Walter. Orchids. (1961) Nelson, Edinburgh. Description and review.
  Lecoufle Marcel and Rose, Henri. Orchids: Culture and Description. Crosby Lockwood & Son, London, (1957). Description and review.
  Logan, Harry B, and Cosper, Lloyd C. Orchids Are Easy To Grow. Prentice-Hall, New York (1953).  Description and review.
  Lothian, Noel.L. Rosa Fiveash’s Australian Orchids: A collection of paintings by Rosa Fiveash Rigby Dee Why West, (1986) Description and review.
  Nilsson, Sven. (ill by Bo Mossberg) Orchids of Northern Europe. Trans from Swedish by H.W. Lascelles, Penguin Nature Guides. Penguin, Harmondsworth, (1979). (ex libris H.& M. Wettenhall) Description and review.
  Northern, Rebecca Tyson. Home Orchid Growing.  D. Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York (1950). A comprehensive book for the serious grower. arguably the best general orchid reference. Description and review.


  Northern, R.T. Home Orchid Growing – 3rd ed. (1970). Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York. A comprehensive book for the serious grower. arguably the best general orchid reference. Description and review.
  Pridgeon, Alec. What Orchid is That? Lansdowne Press, Sydney(1995) New Holland. Description and review.
  Rentoul, J.N. Growing Orchids: Book Three: Vandas, dendrobiums and others. Lothian, Melbourne, (1982).  Description and review.
  Richards, Helen,  Wootton, Rick & Datodi, Rick. Cultivation of Australian Native Orchids. (1984) (ANOS Vic Group). (96p.). Famous little book that is full of cultural information and the source of highly respected ANOS Vic recipes for terrestrial orchid mixes.
  Ritterhausen, Brian and Wilma.
Orchids in Colour. Blandford Press, Sydney, 1986
  Schlecter, R. The Orchidacacae of  German New Guinea. (Trans of the German text from: Die Orchidaceen von Deutsch-Neu-Guinea by R. Schlechter). The Australian Orchid Foundation, (1982). Description and review.
  Sharp, W. Watson . Australia’s Native Orchids. Murray, Sydney (1977).  Description and review.
  Shuttleworth, Floyd S., Zim, Herbert s. and Dillon, Gordon W. (illus. Elmer W. Smith) Orchids. Golden Press, New York, 1970 (pocket ed)
  Squire, David. The Little Book of Orchids. Coombe Books, Godalming, Surrey, (1992). Description and review.
  Stewart, Joyce. Orchids: Kew Gardening Guides. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Collingridge, (1988). Description and review.
  Taylor, Peter. Orchids. Colour Nature Library series, Colour Library International, no place, no date December, 1988 Description and review.
  Taylor, Peter. The Colour Nature Library: Orchids. Colour Library International, (no date) Library (1988). Crescent, London. Description and review.
  Tibbs, Mike. Orchids: An Illustrated Identifier and Guide to Cultivation. New Burlington Books, London, (1990). Description and review.
  Tibbs, Mike and Bilton, Ray Orchids: An illustrated identifier and guide to cultivation Leichardt, NSW (1998).
  White, Edward A. American Orchid Culture. A.T. De La Mare Company, New York, (1948) . Description and review.
  Williams, Brian. Orchids for Everyone: A practical guide to the home cultivation of over 200 of the world’s most beautiful varieties. Salamander Books, London, (1984). A great introduction for beginners. Description and review.
  Williams, Brian. Orchids for Everyone.(1980) Gallery Books, New York. A great introduction for beginners.

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