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Membership to the Southern Suburbs Orchid Society (SSOS) provides great value. During the year, there are 10 Members Meetings which include knowledgeable guest speakers, opportunities to show off your flowering orchids, win raffle prizes and purchase plants to add to your growing collections.

The Club also provides activities and social events throughout the year as a bonus to your membership. Below are some examples or house visits, day trips, dinners and other enjoyable events.


Christmas Dinner  – A perennial favourite held at the Club House (N.G. Wishart Hall) which combines tradition (sherry before dinner) and festive fair provided by both the Club and its members. It is also Trophy Night where annual awards and prizes are announced and celebrated.


‘Home’ visits where members volunteer to offer ‘open house’ to members to share their knowledge on how they grow their orchids. Attendees are encouraged to ‘bring a plate’ and enjoy a morning tea or lunch in the grower’s back yard.


Day trip to Country Club Challenge. In 2018 this was held at Geelong and SSOS members hired a bus for the day to enjoy looking at other Victorian Club’s flowering orchid collections and/or use the opportunity to purchase orchids from a variety of Australian orchid nurseries who attend this show.


A morning visit to orchid enthusiast John Varigos’ orchid collection housed in an historic conservatory at Central Park, Malvern.


SSOS 25th Silver Anniversary dinner in 2017 with special guests and founding members of the Club. This event was so popular, members now have the opportunity to attend an annual dinner at an external venue/restaurant. A great night to get to know fellow members.


Mount Beenak Orchid Nursery visit conducted over a two day period where SSOS members took advantage of hopping on a hired bus and visiting the nursery to stock up on orchid plants at bargain prices and stay to enjoy a BBQ lunch with further salads, breads, pastries and desserts provided by club members.


In partnership with Bay Road Nursery Sandringham, members can volunteer to help out on one of two Saturday events at the nursery by showing some flowering orchids in a special display area, and/or help answer general public questions on orchid growing, help repot their orchids and generally encourage interested growers to come along to one of our meetings to explore the advantage of being an SSOS member. SSOS display at the nursery occurs twice a year 0ften close to Mother’s Day and prior to our Annual Spring Show.

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