Cymbidiums are the easiest of all orchids to grow and they are the most widely grown orchid. Most species come from Asia and their range extends from India and Japan down to Australia which has three species. The majority grow at high altitudes whee warm humid days and cool nights are common in Summer with cool, dry conditions during Winter. There are over 50 species and thousands of hybrids available.

Cymbidiums require some shade (30%-50%) in Summer but only enough to stop leaf burn. this can b provided by shadecloth over the roof of a shadehouse or broken shade from trees in the garden. During Winter they need no shade at all. In order to flower well, they like a lot of light, preferably morning sunshine, broken shade during midday and some follow up sun in the afternoon. However, too much sun will yellow the leaves. Too little will result in lush green growth but no flower.

Cymbidiums need to be watered heaviest during the hot Summer months, sometimes twice a day in order to keep the media moist. During Winter watering can  be tapered off and once a week would be sufficient, except when  windy conditions dry the medium out.

Cook, Terry. “Growing Orchids in Australia” Golden Press, Silverwater, NSW, 1989

cymbidium wallacia burnt gold

cymbidium wallacia burnt gold

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For further information on Cymbidiums and other orchid varieties, see the Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (OSCOV) Website under the section Articles.

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