The following article is from Growing Lycastes by Alan Hope, from “Orchids in Victoria,” (2000). In his article, Hope states that: “These cool-growing orchids are found mainly in temperate regions of Mexico and South America and are therefore well suited to Melbourne’s climate… By contrast our winters are wet and therefore protection from rain and a reduction in watering during winter is essential to simulate the Lycaste’s natural growth cycle”.

A follow up article by Alan Hope, entitled “Four Summer-Flowering Lycaste Species” Hope focuses on the Lycaste aromatica, which produces an abundance of small yellow flowers, in January. He explains that each emerging new growth has four or more flowers; and a large plant can carry a mass of flowers that provides a lemon perfume on hot days.

Articles from “More Orchids in Victoria” (2002) Lycaste – The Beautiful One by Julian Coker explains that the Lycaste is named after the beautiful daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy, and was first named by John Lindley.

In a further article entitled: “How We Grow Lycastes” by Bill and Jan Miles from “Still More Orchids in Victoria” (2004) explains that – most Lycastes grow either as epiphytes or lithophytes in nature.

For further information on Lycastes and other orchid varieties, see the Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (OSCOV) Website under the section Articles & Resources.

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