Well, Sarc it to me!

sarcochilus red the globeFor those of you who couldn’t get to it or didn’t know about it, you missed a great talk about sarcochilus orchids, or ‘sarcs’ for short.

One of the Southern Suburbs Orchid Society’s Committee members gave a presentation at our March meeting on the cultivation, nurture and enjoyment of growing these gorgeous miniature flowering members of the epiphytic orchid family which are endemic to Northern and Eastern Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea and Vanuatu. The presentation also included a live repotting demonstration, focussing on the finer details and intricacies of using a variety of potting mix components to enhance your plants growth and flowering success.

In the early session, one of our most learned members provided a demonstration on how to divide and repot a large cymbidium Tiny Tiger x Sarah Jean ‘Peach’ – a gift that was provided to the Club by the previous month’s guest speaker. This division resulted in 3 glorious cymbidium plants which were raffled to attending Club members.

  • Club members were encouraged to bring in last year’s Cymbidium club seedling – Intense Gold x Mem John Harris. These were compared and contrasted by all attendees and so far, all plants appear to be progressing well.
  • Our next Club meeting is on 5th April, 2017 where we will have a bevy of speakers who will reveal many a secret or personal tip that will help your endevours with orchid care!

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