Two days, two busloads, and two dozen members

Two days, two busloads, and two dozen members = Too many purchases, too little money and too much pleasure!

The benefits of being a member of Southern Suburbs Orchid Society (SSOS) is to get to hear about places to go to, and opportunities to buy from trusted growers; to add to your over-indulgent orchid-growing hobby.  At the last members meeting there was a proposal put forward for the Club to hire a mini-bus and embark on a day trip up to Mt Beenak Orchids  at Three Bridges which was having a super sale at their nursery. With a resounding “yes please”, we had enough interest from members to fill the mini-bus on two consecutive days.

The Mt. Beenak 10-day super sale (ends Sunday April 2) has many bargain plants for sale including: Oncidiums, Masdevallias, Zygopetalums, Sarcochilus and lots more.

There's a bargain - a Zygopetalum

“What a bargain – a Zygopetalum”

The nursery provided free tea and coffee during the day, with a BBQ facility.  After the buying frenzy subsided, members enjoyed BBQ sausages, salads and sweets which were provided by club members. Then some members would have ‘one-more’ cursory sweep of the sales benches before the bus departed.

"There's room here, under the back seat for one or two more plants"

“There’s room here, under the back seat for one or two more plants”

The over-enthusiasm with purchasing made for interesting storage capacity for the homeward trip, with many boxes of plants being placed under seats, in the aisles and on the laps of many smiling and happy members. Hats off to the our wonderful volunteer bus drivers each day and on behalf of the members who enjoyed this great adventure – the motto for this SSOS day-trip was Veni, Vidi, Vici.

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