Learn How to Grow This Pterostylis

Pterostylis is a ‘Terrestrial‘ orchid which literally means an orchid that grows in the ground. According to an article by Frankie Fraser, there are approximately 1200 native orchid species in Australia and more than half of these are terrestrials which are mostly unique to Australia. They have tubers, and few roots because they live in association with fungi, (mycorrhizal fungi), which gather nutrients for the orchid. Some of these orchids are easy to grow, while some are difficult and others are impossible because of a special symbiotic relationship that they have with the mycorrhizal fungi. More information on Pterostylis can be found in the article by Frankie Fraser”Native Terrestrial Orchids – Give Them a Go!” (from ‘Even More Orchids in Victoria‘, 2006).

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  • For photos of Pterostylis see our Pterostylis photo page.

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