Vox Pop or the Judges – Who is Right?

At most SSOS meetings, members have an opportunity to ‘bench’ their flowering orchids for judging by a panel of accredited OSCOV judges. There are three sections in which members can enter the competition which include:

Novice | Intermediate | Open

SSOS allows its members to vote for their favourite plant on show at each monthly meeting as well. This is an informal and fun competition on the night where the vox populi (voice of the people) aka vox pop decide who they think is the winner for the night.

  • On most occasions, the vox pop decision is vastly different to what the Judges like, but by the last meeting of the year everyone agreed!
  • Could it have been due to tips and advice provided by the guest speaker for the night – Barry Larkin (an accredited OSCOV judge) whose topic was “What Judges Look For”, or was it just a coincidence? – You be the judge!

See the SSOS monthly winners for 2017 on the Judges Vs People 2017 page.

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